Bonus Content: Stewarding A Legacy Of Safety

This week on The WAM Podcast’s special series with ASSP (American Society of Safety Professionals), host, Jennifer McNelly, speaks with Wells Bullard, the 5th generation CEO of the family-owned safety equipment giant, Bullard. The company was founded in 1898 by Well’s great-great-grandfather as a supply company for copper and gold mines in California and Nevada.

Bullard is famous for inventing the beloved hard hat in 1919 and have been making safety equipment since before it was even an industry standard. Wells shares her experiences of what it was like growing up as a 5th generation potential heir to Bullard, as well as fascinating stories about the history of the company.

Bonus Content: Challenging Assumptions in the Workplace

This week on The WAM Podcast’s special series with the American Society Of Safety Professionals (ASSP), host, Jennifer McNelly, chats with Diana Stegall, the President of ASSP and Executive Vice President of Rivendell Safety Consulting in Tucson, Arizona. Diana was the first woman to be named ASSP’s safety professional of the year. With years of experience, she is here to share her thoughts on the assumptions in the workplace, especially as it pertains to gender roles.

Bonus Content: Women at Risk in the Workplace

This week on The WAM Podcast’s special series with the American Society Of Safety Professionals, host, Jennifer McNelly, speaks with Dr. Katie Schofield, assistant professor at the University of Minnesota Duluth in the Master of Environmental Health and Safety program. The ladies talk about how gender influences injury risk in the workplace and explore how the changing world of work, including precarious employment arrangements in traditionally gendered roles like teaching assistants or home healthcare aides, can create different risks that require new safety strategies, policies, and interventions.

Bonus Content: Seeing Gender in Workplace Safety Through Multiple Lenses

Host and CEO of The American Society Of Safety Professionals (ASSP), Jennifer McNelly, speaks with Dr. Cori Wong, Assistant Vice President for Gender Equity within the office of the Vice President for Diversity at Colorado State University. They discuss how prioritizing gender diversity and inclusion can improve occupational safety and health. Cori shares powerful concepts she says safety professionals can use to reframe their thinking about gender in the workplace.